Policeman Confronts Cyclist Over Wearing Mask

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Policeman Confronts Cyclist Over Wearing Mask

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Policeman Confronts Cyclist Over Wearing Mask


A policeman confronts a cyclist over wearing a mask outside a school in Great Yarmouth, UK. The footage captured on November 26 shows the man getting into a heated argument with the police officer in front of his stepson and other pupils of the school. The man who is defending his actions and getting somewhat irate as he believes he hasn't done anything wrong, is challenged by the teacher and the police officer, who are unable to give a straight reason quoting the law. The officer appears to be getting nowhere and even when the gentleman decides to leave he then follows the mask-wearing man. As no laws were broken the officer and the teacher's front soon diminishes and the man leaves the scene. The filmer said: "The masks are worn due to the fact we bike and the weather is colder now." They later added: "After this video was posted the school have tried a retaliation tactic and phoned my partner saying that her son cannot wear his mask to or from school, "They continued to threaten her son by saying he will get detention if wearing it. "I would like to add, yes I was rude, yes I may have an attitude, but I was certainly not abusive in my words."

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