Despite Science, Governments Want To Lockdown AGAIN!

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Despite Science, Governments Want To Lockdown AGAIN!

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The "SECOND WAVE" Lockdown Is Coming! - Despite Science, Governments Want To Lockdown AGAIN!

Josh Sigurdson reports on the insanity of another potential lockdown and how the global establishment is attempting to present the cast for a "second wave" despite the latest scientific studies out of the CDC itself showing that the numbers are incredibly minimal.
The numbers show a rate of 0.04% for those with the illness including the undercounted asymptomatic rate. This is insanely low, yet we see stories out of Beijing of a reinstated lockdown alongside countless countries throughout the world that are extending their lockdown as well.
In the United States there is a push to reinstate lockdowns in many places.
But why? The numbers paint a different picture.
The answer is control. Why on Earth would they relinquish control once they already have it? Despite the science proving the issue is minimal, countless people chomp at the bit to support the establishment point of view under the guise of "science." It's perfect doublespeak and it's rather scary.

We will continue to cover this issue closely as we have since January.

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