I do NOT believe in ANY mainstream religion

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I do NOT believe in ANY mainstream religion

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I do NOT believe in ANY mainstream religion, and the reason is because I KNOW they are all based upon moon and sun-cults from the ancient world.

Look up the Schumann frequency and understand: When ever WATER exist with a certain FREQUENCY then DNA will be formed "out of nothing". ALL the information for life to exist under ANY conditions NO MATTER WHERE IN THE UNIVERSE already exist ALL around us and is a part of what people think is nothing but background noise from the creation of the universe.

Most of the particles thrown out into space from a star (like example our sun), is really bacteria. They freeze up quickly, and has been found to be 70% "empty" = is it for sure bacteria = life is EVERYWHERE !!!

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( Really just my reply to someone trying to make me become a christian . . . . )
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