Warn the nation that the Police State has arrived

Expose the abuse of the privately owned global ´police force´ / killing squads go from bad to worse

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Warn the nation that the Police State has arrived

Post by PaCmAn » Fri Apr 09, 2010 5:38 pm


Warn the nation that the Police State has arrived

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Alex Jones’ Message to Patriots: Warn the nation that the Police State has arrived

April 8, 2010

Incremental tyranny has marched, step by step, up to our door. Are we going to accept authoritarian control over our lives, travel, currency and economy? Will we actually accept martial law in the streets or the internment of “domestic terrorists” and political dissidents?

We must fight back– peacefully, but not passively– and get this film out to all those unaware of FEMA camps, the police state and the high-tech control grid set-up to enslave 21st Century humanity. An enlightened freedom movement, with the principles of Henry David Thoreau, Gandhi, Thomas Paine and Martin Luther King, Jr. at hand, can stop this Police State in its tracks– but only by informing the populace about the true nature of the tyranny that has cropped up in the United States and around the globe. Take a bold stance, and say no to dehumanization in every form!

Alex Jones sends out the call to all patriots: Time to fire up those DVD burners, Police State 4 will drop later this month. Purchase a copy on DVD or download it in high-quality at PrisonPlanet.tv– then make copies and get it out to everyone you know. This message is vital to the survival of the Republic.

Police State 4: Alex Jones’ Message to Patriots (Trailer 3)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_m5RFwd ... r_embedded

Police State 4 The Rise of FEMA:

Tyranny is HERE! The grim future foretold in 1984 has become reality. The United States is now recognized globally as one of the most oppressive police states on earth. And it’s only getting worse.

POLICE STATE 4 chronicles the sickening depths to which our republic has fallen. Veteran documentary filmmaker Alex Jones conclusively proves the existence of a secret network of FEMA camps, now being expanded nationwide. The military industrial complex is transforming our once free nation into a giant prison camp. A cashless society control grid, constructed in the name of fighting terrorism, was actually built to enslave the American people. Body scanners, sound cannons, citizen spies, staged terror and cameras on every street corner — it’s only the beginning of the New World Order’s hellish plan.

This film exposes how the “Continuity of Government” program has established an all powerful shadow state. Prepare to enter the secretive world of emergency dictatorship, FEMA camps, and a shredded Constitution. Witness police and military savagely attacking innocent citizens as our own government unleashes false flag operations to justify its oppression. Then watch as Alex Jones takes on corrupt mercenary police and exposes mainstream media brainwashing.

Get it now on DVD — Ships April 21st

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." -Goethe
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