Got Milk?

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Got Milk?

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First off, just happy to be back here after maybe 3 years, and glad to see that this site is still up and running, but thats off topic.

Back on track:

Got Milk?
The "Got Milk" campaign began in 1993 and gradually died out around 2003. In this time millions of kids were brainwashed into thinking that milk was the healthiest thing in the world. The 2 reasons for this were that it "has Vitamin D and make bones stronger", even though its a fatty drink high in cholesterol. It also contains low levels of female growth hormones.

Milk has been debated from time and time again to be a poison that does not contribute any well being to the body, it has been discussed that it contributes only the building of muscle mass since most of milk is protein, which also elevates deanimation which is the process where excess protein is converted to amino acids then to glucose to be stored. This increases ammonia (well-known toxin) levels in the body, increasing cell energy expenditure, as well as increasing amount of effort required to get rid of the ammonia. Add this all up with excess toxins and an already sedated and dumbed down population and you have a recipe for extermination.

Not only that but the dairy products which are made of animal milk are also a health risk. These products apart from just milk also contain the usual preservatives and also mass amounts of either artificial sweetners.

Animal milk also contains female hormones plus other growth hormones, altering the endocrine system, the nervous system, and growth rates. It is said that this fast growth rate will lead to faster aging (leading to faster death), lead to faster puberty in pre-adolescent children, increase the possibility of cancer and if possible perpetuate cancer growth.

Not only that but milk is loaded with cholesterol, increasing the chance of heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases, as well as increasing the possibility (which is almost definite) of giving people IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).

More on this subject on:
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Re: Got Milk?

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I think you are on to something, so keep us updated about this.

I have heard from people that have had cancer, that in the diet classes they took, their teacher always told them to stay as far away from milk as possible because it would not only make the cancer cells worse, milk in grown ups might actually cause cancer.

I am not an expert on any of this, but it wouldn't surprise me one bit if true.

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