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The Alex Jones Deception EXPOSED (FULL version)

Posted: Wed Apr 10, 2013 10:09 pm
by PaCmAn
The Alex Jones Deception EXPOSED (FULL version)

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The Alex Jones Deception EXPOSED (FULL version)

Hi, I am PaCmAn and not really a big PERSONAL fan of Alex Jones. I made the movie "The Alex Jones Deception EXPOSED (FULL version)" myself at the time when I stopped being active and personally engaged with Alex Jones, not because of the information but because of the PERSON he is that (like the creator of "The Alex Jones Deception") just mindlessly attack others for no good reason at all.

So why defend him you might ask? Because of THE INFORMATION that IS very good and factual overall.

PLEASE NOTE: I just found this film so all the comments I will post throughout this movie I wrote while watching it for the very first time. The comments was also posted in chronological order at the 13 parts on youtube that this film is posted as originally. I ONLY make a FEW points really, because this entire film is TOTAL COINTELPRO propaganda.

So here we go, these are MY points to the film maker of "The Alex Jones Deception" . . .


"exposing" his father on fluoride like that got NOTHING to do with Alex Joneses INFORMATION.


Blame Bin Pharma and their "medicine" that DO create killers instead of blaming people like Alex Jones who try to STOP these things from happening.

A crazy fan (you just had the urge to also call "a 9-11 truther" in order to label ALL who is aware of 9/11 as a false flag event) who wanted to contact Alex have NOTHING to do with Alex Joneses INFORMATION. And yes: Alex Jones DID bring it up, saying that he does NOT want to talk about some dead guy he doesn't even know in order to defend himself from crap like your film here.


When multiple people saw these two idiots with joker-hats and nutty sun glasses walk away with her crowd, talking with her and laughing at the whole thing after they minutes before was standing behind Alex Jones shouting "Kill Michel Malkin" that IS criminal and it IS the way mainstream media CREATE their "news" stories -over and over again. . . .


You take everything out of context and expose yourself as a fool. FACT: The so called "hijackers" (aka CIA agents trained at "school of the Americas") ARE alive + the entire plan used on 9/11.2001 is named "operation Northwoods" and DOES talk about cyanide gas, remote control etc.


Just because Alex knew that story KURT NIMMO wrote for was fake when he saw it got NOTHING to do with Alex Jones being a liar or anything else like that. If you haven't noticed: Unlike other media, Alex Joneses team do NOT delete already posted articles EVER.

Mixing up what David Shayer PERSONALLY believes (or for that matter his sexual orientation) with verified facts is called SPIN or LYING.

Quote from this movie about Morgan Reynolds:

"(Creator of this movie): Alex Jones put a man in his film who does not believe planes hit the twin towers. (TV host ask Morgan Reynolds): "So would you say e.g. that there were no planes that hit the world trade center, is that your contention?" ANSWER: "NO" !!!

Just like a magazine TV also use manipulation of THEIR images, THEIR film and yes: EVEN manipulation with "live" news-feed. Wake up to the REAL world buddy.

The planes that DID hit WTC was expired CIA CARGO planes, just like the plan for 9/11 named "operation Northwoods" say - YOU SHOULD TRY TO READ before making things up just because you do not understand what people is trying to tell you.


What YOU just said is: If someone like a certain MOVIE like e.g. "V" that YOU do not like, that will expose them as "kooks"?

It is called projected personality where people accuse others of doing the very things they hate about themselves, but just do not have the mental capacity to deal with their own problems and instead freak out on everyone else.

The only "crackpot" here is the creator of this film who just isn't intellectually capable of understanding what people are saying, but still have an "opinion" on everything -especially when it comes to personal attacks and insults.

Quote by Alex: "Then you say that we forged it" Quote from the creator of this film: "I never said you forged it. I said its one of your own that did it." NEWS FLASH: "we" and "you" does NOT mean the same thing, and since I think you (after all) have brain enough to know that YOU ARE LYING !!!

You keep saying over and over again that Alex Jones is lying and have no proof at all to back up ANYTHING he say - Well: Where is YOUR proof?


Quote from film maker: "Why don't you find these firefighters and EMT workers" Answer: Alex and many others did - at the time, but today most of the fire fighters are DEAD from the FACTS that Alex Jones is trying to expose - You know: The FACTS from the REAL world that the film maker here is doing EVERYTHING he can to suppress by spinning / lying ALL the time -when not using name calling and insults to "prove" his points of course.

Quote from film maker: "Here we have Alex Jones lying about NIST" I mean: WHAT? So: They did NOT change their story over and over again? The idiot who created this movie spend all day calling up AJ's father at work, calling up AJ on his show to insult him, making moronic movies in ridiculous short parts WITHOUT EVEN STUDYING THE FACTS !??

Quote from film maker: "There are countless examples of steel-framed structures collapsing from fire" So? Oh, I forgot: You are LYING again by SPINNING things, you know: Turning everything on its head. What you are doing now is the same as if you said to me: "you are too big for my car" and when I say "no I am not" you will scream "LIAR" and then show me your TOY car.

NEWSFLASH: The steel frame for a skyscraper is WAY more complex in design than regular steel framed buildings, in order for it to be flexible enough to deal with the forces from nature BUT ALSO MULTIPLE AND SIMULTANEOUS IMPACTS FROM PLANES just like the WTC towers were. THE FACTS ARE STILL THE FACTS: not a single steel-framed skyscraper has EVER collapsed due to fire - PERIOD !!!


Richard Gage talked with Alex Jones about threats and harassment IN PRIVATE and Richard just didn't want to get all angry like Alex and talk about his personal life on air. Does that make AJ a liar? NO, it makes the creator of this movie absolutely insane to keep finding things he do not understand, and then begin to make things up out of the thin air as he go along to create this absurd parallel universe with his own ridicules religious believe system of pure ignorance.

Purpose of this entire movie: To make people laugh at ANYONE real, ANYONE who isn't afraid to stand up for truth, ANYONE who is willing to use them self and tell their own personal story: The film maker here want you to LAUGH at REAL people like Alex Jones but take government and TV VERY seriously . . . It is up to you . . .

Quote from the film maker: "Alex Jones been telling you that he predicted the 9-11 terrorist attack" Yes, of course he does - Why? Because HE DID predict it. Once again you are letting everyone know that Alex IS telling us the truth, followed by you making things up, putting words in his mouth, spinning / lying about something that EVERYONE can look up for themselves in order to KNOW that YOU are a liar.

Quote from film maker: "by the way, he cut off me off so you can't hear me laughing at him" And we can't stop laughing at the most time wasting idiot I have ever seen online who can't even put a real sentence together, not even a short one . . . "he cut off me off" ??? No wonder he doesn't understand what people are trying to tell HIM !!!


This is what the film maker say about Alex Jones for referring to information from mainstream journalists, in order to make Alex a liar and much more simply for talking about what he was told by others: "It is absolutely sickening how Alex lied and placed fear into the minds of his mentally ill audience. In fact: The excitement in Alex Jones voice is quite disturbing. There is little doubt that Alex Jones actually HOPING that what he is saying is true. Alex Jones want chaos, he wants death, he want destruction" . . . Yes, that's right: if you repeat ANYTHING others told you, it is YOU that want death and chaos . . . Not making any sense? It is because this film maker is INSANE !!!

FACT: People like Alex Jones HAVE prevented attacks by speaking out BEFORE they happen - And then when they do not happen because they got exposed too much, film makers like this call the very people who prevented these things from happening in the first place for "ass wipe" and "liars" and accuse HIM for causing death, HIM for wanting chaos and destruction? The FACT is that a film maker like YOU is nothing but COINTELPRO SCUM all day long working to promote and protect a fascist one world dictatorship with personal attacks on good and honest persons.

The film maker call the question to John Yoo "hypothetical" ? How can A FACT, something that IS happening in the REAL world be "hypothetical" ? Just because it isn't YOUR children who get their testicles cussed with pliers, YOUR children who get rapped by batons dripping with acid and most of the time even KILLED in front you. Ask Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) if it was a "hypothetical" question, ASK HIS CHILDREN WHO DID GET TORTURED you idiot !!! RESEARCH before making up more crap, google "The Torture Memos", "the Bybee Memo" and "8/1/02 Interrogation Opinion" OR SHUT UP !!!

PART 10:

Film maker quote: "They're going to create tsunami's, Really?? You paranoid freakshow!" So I guess that other REAL humans are "freaks" too in your crazy fantasy world, like e.g. Benjamin Fulford who interviewed Japan's Prime Minister YEARS before the Fukushima disaster even happened and came out warning us BEFORE it happened that Japan had been threatened with earthquakes created by HAARP and that the "international community" aka UN / NATO later on would decide to use HAARP once more to lower the entire country under water due to a massive and global NUCLEAR RADIATION disaster.

Film makers quote: "Alex Jones is well known for trying to scare his cult followers into believing the new world order is trying to kill at least 80% of us." WRONG: If you would just study you would KNOW that the UN / NATO DO want to kill not just 80% but MORE than that (90-100%). Google and STUDY things like "georgia guidestones", "earth charter", "Agenda 21", "UN Human Resources Policies", "NSM200", "Eugenics Quotes: From lofty ideals to centralized population control" etc. etc. etc.

Film makers quote on the FEMA coffins: "They ain't coffins, they are grave liners or burial vaults you fucking dolt" Oh, so they are NOT coffins but they ARE made for dead people - But they are NOT coffins (according to this deluded film maker) they are, quote: "grave liners OR burial vaults" ?? Well: Since they can't be TWO things at the SAME time then WHAT ARE THESE "BOXES" you lying COINTELPRO propaganda promoter ???

PART 11:

Quote from film maker: "Let me get this straight: The writers, producers, directors etc. just made a film knowingly or unknowingly about these new world order operatives who are these psychopaths who love to let the public know what they are planning and doing? Fucking nut." No YOU are just IGNORANT way beyond believe: The royal families ARE inbreed psychopaths, and since I do have a degree in psychology my self I can ensure you as a FACT that if a psychopath is going to kill you it is very likely that they ARE going to tell you about it BEFORE they do it. Why? Because a REAL psychopath is arrogant, see him self as invincible, that he is smarter than everyone else, that no one can touch him AND they just LOVE to brag.

Quote from film maker on a school shooter : "9-11 kook" And here we once again witness how EVERYONE who kill people or cause violance MUST be aware that 9/11-2001 was a false flag, right? WRONG, unless you are a person like this film maker who was born and raised his entire life with TV, movies and computer games. To any SANE person these constant references, provocations, lies, insults, manipulation, twisting and adding words to what people REALLY said or did is CRIMINAL -Literally.

Quote from film maker on another shooter: "In June of 2009 a white supremacist to 9-11 truther" Again: If you are someone who kill people you MUST be not just a 9-11 truther now, but also a white supremacist -not to talk about a "kook" or someone who "want death" etc. like this "producer" is saying. Film maker quote: "Alex Jones trying to scare the living shit out of Dylan Avery" When ever Alex Jones is trying to WARN about something YOU are the one who keep talking about getting scared - Like I said at the beginning: This is personality PROJECTION and got NOTHING to do with Alex Jones AT ALL !!!

PART 12:

Film maker is pointing out ONE WORD and try to discredit EVERYTHING related with gay porn stars at the Bohemian Grove because of a WORD in some headline? What about Nixon ADMITTING it is going on saying among many other things that, quote: "it is the most faggy god-damned thing you could ever imagine", or what about Henry Kissinger running around wearing a bra at Bohemian Grove? Isn't there ANYTHING that you are able to figure out is REAL in this world?

Quote from film maker: "the majority of your fans are America Haters living in other Countries." So: Everyone who is aware of 9/11 as the false flag event it was are now "America Haters" ??? YOU are the one who can't distinguish the word "government" (meaning "controlling mind") from the country with the cancer called govern (controlling) ment (mind). What you did with this movie and the time you wasted on it and all the time you wasted for everyone watching is PATHETIC !!!

When Alex Jones CLEARLY state that they are going to get into the INFORMATION about Margaret Singer, H. G. Wells, prince Bernhard and mention a BBC article IN CONTEXT, what does the film maker do? He stop and ONLY focus on Alex Jones elaboration and PICKING ON WORDS OUT OF CONTEXT !!!

In other words: Alex Jones isn't lying to you, he is connecting the dots so that people can see the FULL picture for themselves and begin to research these things on their own.

PART 13:

Quote from film maker: "Main line eugenics???..... Whole bunch of other scientists and writers??? Thats what the elite believe???? LOL." IF you had any brain left you would NOT be laughing but be able to do a simple google search on "eugenics quotes" and then "Unethical human experimentation in the United States" or what about "DOD Directives 5240.1-R" now we are at it?

IMPORTANT "final thoughts" from this film maker, quote: "Why did I make this film? I've been listening for nearly three years now" 3 YEARS? And you are still not even able to understand what he is saying and make any sense of it inside that empty skull you are running around with? You ARE a true insane Alex Jones fan and I was right all along: You ARE trying to project your crappy personality on Alex Jones. WHAT A DISGRACE YOU ARE !!!

Finally: Why would someone this out of touch with reality even do such a movie?
Because he is projecting his TRUE self AWAY from himself, trying to get rid of HIS OWN shattered self image by insulting and making things up about Alex Jones.
It is the film maker HIMSELF that is the bald, fat, jealous, ass-wipe of unsuccessful lifestyle with an utterly defeated soul.

THIS is who the maker of this film REALLY want to be in life:



The Alex Jones Deception EXPOSED FULL version

Posted: Tue Sep 03, 2019 5:05 am
by Charlesvaf
I remember watching him here in Denver during his summer skate jam with Sean White, Bam and all...
So slick..
Were the same age... Mad respect...

Re: The Alex Jones Deception EXPOSED (FULL version)

Posted: Tue Sep 03, 2019 10:16 am
by PaCmAn
U2 - I am 47, 2 years older than alex :D