Free Proxy Hotlinking Tutorial Using Google Translator

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Free Proxy Hotlinking Tutorial Using Google Translator

Post by PaCmAn » Sat Oct 01, 2011 10:29 am

Free Proxy Hotlinking Tutorial Using Google Translator

Here is my own little "step-by-step" guide to create free proxy hotlinks for sites:

1) Goto and place the website into the translation field

2) If the site is in e.g. english, you can't just say from english to english, you will be told that the site is already in english, but if you pick translate from another language it will show up in english anyway. At the top right corner you can also pick "translated" or "original version"

3) Press "translate" and you can now just "ad to favorites" in the browser, or use the link at the top of the browser for a free proxy hotlink that you would otherwise have to pay money to do.

ADVANCED but also the best way to do this (In order for everything to work 100%):

You are also able to create your own direct links if you think the other ones get too big and bulgy. Here is an example with my forum:

Code: Select all
the "da" is just because I have to change the "from" part to something else than I want to see the site as, so in this case I just picked Danish, but you can change it to what ever you want. The "en" is english because this forum is in english, and should be set to the original language of the site.

"" almost at the end is of course the link to the site you want to visit, and can be changed to anything.

Most important thing here is to ad the "&anno=2" to the end of this string, in order to show the site as the original !!!

This information will let you visit otherwise blacklisted sites, but doesn't hide your IP or protect your privacy like paid for proxy servers do.


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