CS.RIN.RU want war...

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CS.RIN.RU want war...

Post by zjanshes »


Read this tell me what you think.
CS thinks there patches are better even though ours is ten times better and we can actually have 100% account registration they ca

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Re: CS.RIN.RU want war...

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I'm very sorry about that what I will say in a few moments :( .

The do! They have better patches! They have better cracks! They want a war!

Why? Because cs.rin.ru is formed from and with the people who are into the deep of Steam and its source code. They know more then our developers who are currently working on the patcher like GreenLuma and others.

I don't want to insult any of the programmers from our forum, if so I hope you can forgive me. I really love your work guys! GeenLuma is pretty the greatest app I have seen from the stuff I have seen so far.

You simply can't hide the truth. Do not start a war with them. They will win because they can.


Also I have read what they are posting in this topic. The most of the members of cs.rin.ru are likely not more than script kiddies who wait for the chance to get their DDoS Tool out and DDoS this site.

All this "We are a legion" stuff is pretty stupid. If they count themselves to Anon they must be stupid. You can't fight for freedom with DDoS attacks on some sites. Have they reached something with the DDoS? Nah, but they only reached to get some people arrested because they took part at the attacks... So you better throw away your life and your identity for some stupid web pages?

Good luck!


Let this be a warning. Do not start a war with them. Do not start a war with other groups. :hello:


Peace out! :good:

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Re: CS.RIN.RU want war...

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Nothing new under the sun here, please see when they posted that topic:

Post subject: PacSteam Will Go Extinct ... SOON: D SOON !:D

Posted: Saturday, 01 Sep 2007, 03:05

IMPORTANT: The pacsteam.pt.vu and pacman.pt.vu backup link will expiire - use the main link from now on
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Re: CS.RIN.RU want war...

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i think i should thank you very much for you can waste lot of time to write this post .....thank you again for your sharing..

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