PaCmAn's Final Angry Words At Demonoid (properly...)

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PaCmAn's Final Angry Words At Demonoid (properly...)

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PaCmAn's Final Angry Words At Demonoid (properly...)

Someone at this topic said:
acts wrote:Thanks.
And maybe it was his name (ACTs) or just the fact that I for a very long time have been feed up with Demonoid's moronic "staff" - No matter what, this is my reply / my final farewell to Demonoid:
pacmanpacks wrote:No problem - I just wonder why I am still here? I mean: Yesterday the "moderators" in here deleted 3 of my uploads with no reason what so ever, and then just send me a message that they deleted one of them (they told me they deleted my "Serious Sam 3 NO MORE BUGS 2012 repack" because of a "report" - Reason why they delete it: NONE !!???? They didn't even tell me that they also deleted two others from yesterday too (TuneUp 2012 crack + A full featured documentary I have made my self about Syria).

Why I wonder about me still being here, is because I just began to "report" a lot of random torrents in here, calling the moderators in here "jack-asses" (which they are) - and I still haven't seen any reaction!? no ban? hmm..... They might as well ban me, because I am really pissed at these "moderating" idiots in here!

To admins and moderators in here: I AM VERY ANGRY AT YOU, not "just" that you keep deleting 10-20% of my uploads WITHOUT ANY REASON WHAT SO EVER, it is the fact that when I registred in here I was told by people that "demonnoid is the best" and now 1-2 years later I can just 100% confirm to my self that you are NOT the best, you are basically morons trying to run a low-grade jack-ass torrent site without any respect towards the users, the uploaders, the programmers, the crackers what so ever: ONE stupid kid, just ONE small idiot who report ANYTHING to you is enough to get the torrent deleted !!!? THAT IS HOW THIS WORKS? If I just knew about you what I know today, I wouldn't even be in this torrent-link-mess that YOU created for me after YEARS as a member!? -Well: Thank you for doing NOTHING than destroying every single topic I have posted over the last few years with YOUR links, these useless "self" deleting no-good Torrent links. WHO THE HELL DO YOU PEOPLE THINK YOU ARE?

You are freaks, you have no self respect and that is why you have no respect towards me or ANYONE in here.

But back to why I am VERY ANGRY / PISSED OFF: It is (as said) NOT "just" that you delete my uploads, it is the fact that I was told you were the best and all that other crap, all these soft-moronic nonesense LIES (if you ask me today) so what have I done over the years? I have been using Demonoid torrent links for ALL my projects to post and promote my packs ALL over the net - and for what? TO JUST SIT BACK AND WATCH DEMONOID MODERATING MORONS DELETING / DESTROYING EVERYTHING THAT I HAVE BEEN WORKING ON FOR YEARS?

FUCK YOU Demonoid !!! -And these are properly my last, but also the most kind words I have left for the "staff" in here:


Bye . . .


I felt just like Christmas today when I posted that comment with pleasure - You know: One of these kinds of "moments to share with others" thinggy - So here it is: SHARED ;-)

IMPORTANT: The and backup link will expiire - use the main link from now on
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