What happened to everybody?

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What happened to everybody?

Post by jayrat_77 »

Hey i'm just kind of wondering what happened to everyone? I know I left the site for a couple years, i made a lot of good tutorials in the past for pacsteam that drove me to over 1,000 youtube subs and 100,000 views and I remember giving Pacman accounts over msn messenger so he could add new files for new games on here. I'm seeing the most recent post on this site was aug 02 and its aug 04 today, :( that makes me sad

I was thinking about making a new tutorial video as youtube removed my old one and my account 2 years ago and i fig its worth makin a new one cause pacsteam is always changing. Just kind of wondering if its worth it cause it doesn't seem like many ppl use pacsteam still? I feel bad for abandoning this website as it looks like many others have.

Whoevers still here, post a reply.
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Re: What happened to everybody?

Post by PaCmAn »

I don't know about everyone else, but I am still around :D
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