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Man in the Mirror - MJ Documentary March, 2017

Posted: Thu Mar 21, 2019 11:55 am
by PaCmAn
Man in the Mirror - MJ Documentary March, 2017

Earnest Valentino makes several appearances as the adult Michael Jackson throughout the Documentary which shows the pain, and suffering Michael Jackson endured while being used, abused, and accused from those he thought were his friends.

This was very difficult for me, and challenging to say the least.


About "leaving neverland": ... f28e53640f

I downloaded it, saw a bit, zapped around in it but absolutely NOTHING new . . . He did like children, I still think this fact got used to set him up just like Prince, John Lennon and many others who spoke out against the royal Nazi elite running the world.

Michael speak out:

Prince speak out:

John Lennon speak out:

Etc. etc. etc. . . .