Beat cancer with hydrogen peroxide

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Beat cancer with hydrogen peroxide

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Beat cancer with hydrogen peroxide ... y59lwC3XIo

We know that the war on the cancer industrial complex is a billion dollar money maker. Their job is to make you believe you have it and then give you devastating treatments that are part and parcel of their protocol. But you can do something very simple every day to decrease, or even stop the onslaught of any disease in your body, including cancer. How? Alkalize and oxygenize your body by simply taking a few drops of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide in a glass of clean water.

Natural News explains:

“Cancer thrives in an acid-heavy system, where the blood and the organs are flooded with processed salt, sugar, animal fat and artificial food… All pathogens, viruses, and parasites are anaerobic. They thrive in the absence of oxygen, but cannot survive with an abundance of oxygen. Even cancer cells cannot exist in oxygen. They depend on fermenting glucose [sugar] to survive and multiply.”
So, how does hydrogen peroxide create more oxygen in your body?

As reported by Natural News:

“If cancer cells get enough oxygen, they will die! Hydrogen peroxide kills cancer cells, because cancer cells do not have the mechanism to break down the hydrogen peroxide and stop it from doing its work.

“The key to curing cancer with hydrogen peroxide is getting ENOUGH hydrogen peroxide INSIDE the cancer cells. There is a scientific description of this: Proteolytic enzymes, also called pancreatic enzymes, literally cut apart the thick protein coating that covers cancer cells, so the immune system can recognize the cells as cancerous… By cutting apart the protein coating, the hydrogen peroxide then gets inside the cancer cells.”

Be sure to get 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide and remember, this is just one of many important alternative therapies to consider.

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