Renegade: The Life Story of David Icke

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Renegade: The Life Story of David Icke

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Renegade: The Life Story of David Icke

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Genres: Documentary
Duration: 1 hour 34 minutes
Subtitles: 3 languages + Show
Availability: Worldwide

The first authorized documentary exploring the life of famed conspiracy theorist David Icke, the ‘mad man’ who has been proved right again and again.
David Icke has been warning for nearly 30 years of a coming global Orwellian state in which a tiny few would enslave humanity through control of finance, government, media and a military-police Gestapo overseeing 24/7 surveillance of a microchipped population.
He has said that ‘physical’ reality is an illusion and what we think is the ‘world’ is a holographic simulation or ‘Matrix’ created by a non-human force to entrap human perception in ongoing servitude.
They called him ‘crazy’, ‘insane’, a ‘lunatic’, and he was subjected to decades of ridicule, dismissal and abuse. Oh, but how things change.
Today his books are read all over the world and his speaking events are watched by thousands on every continent. Why? Because what he has been so derided for saying is now happening in world events and even mainstream scientists are concluding that reality is indeed a simulation.


Bonus Features:

A Conversation with Alice Walker
17 mins

David's Early Life
13 mins

A Conversation with Ivan Pernar
34 mins

David's take on Racism
13 mins

David's take on life as a Program
8 mins



2020 was the year of "the great reset" aka a Royal Nazi Global Military Dictatorship
by the UN / NATO elite, using the COVID19 hoax to take EVERYTHING away.
When I was a child, people wrote stories about artificial intelligence that did not exist
- In the near future, artificial intelligence will write stories about humanity that does not exist.
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