CNN NEWS: Chertoff has a ?gut feeling? of terror attacks

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CNN NEWS: Chertoff has a ?gut feeling? of terror attacks

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Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff has a "gut feeling" the U.S.
is at a higher risk for a terror attack. How much should that matter?

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Cafferty: Chertoff's "gut feeling"?

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff has a "gut feeling" the U.S. is at a higher risk for a terror attack.
How much should that matter?

Jack, As long as this country is being run by people who make decisions based on their guts instead of their brains, we have every reason to be afraid. -Ted, Rockaway, New Jersey

Michael Chertoff's "gut feeling" for a higher risk for a terror attack is no more than a common denominator we've all been feeling. Given the current situation on world events most of us know that it's not a question of "if" but "when". -Ann, Atlanta, Georgia

Director Chertoff shouldn't make such statements. If there's concrete evidence of chatter, report and release that. Otherwise, this feels like the jerking of a political chain... something of which I'm quite tired. -Brian, Los Angeles, Pennsylvania

My gut feeling is that Secretary Chertoff is using his gut to issue the administration’s latest scare tactic, in a long series of hawkish hype. -Andy, Orlando, Florida

My gut feeling is that he realizes he hasn't done anything to make us safer. -John, Hamilton, New Jersey

Is it a good idea to increase cigarette taxes 61 cents a pack to help pay for children's health insurance?
In Cleveland, smokers pay an extra tax to fund the arts community. So sure, why not ask them to fund all the under-funded issues. After all, they won't be around much longer with their shorter lifespans. Maybe we can go after social drinkers next. -John, Cleveland, Ohio

It is a good idea, but it needs to be raised to about $2.00 more. -L.M., Chandler, Arizona

Isn't it funny how cigarettes are the cause of all evil in the world... I think alcohol is just as bad. Why not propose a $1 tax on every bottle or can of beer that is sold instead of going back to smokers, yet again? -Adam, Kennebunk, Maine

Heck yes. Raise the tax, but it should be earmarked for children's health care. It seems these things are stated, but the wording never seems to make it to the legislation. -Bill

How much does it matter if Rudy Giuliani doesn't have the support of some New York City firefighters?
It matters a great deal. 9/11 is the rubble pile Rudy stands on while touting his leadership qualifications for 2008 Republican candidate for President. He's used the World Trade Center disaster to build up his reputation. However, the men and women of the FDNY, who responded to that horrific event, are still waiting for implementation of promises made by Rudy. -M., San Diego, California

Jack, it doesn't matter one damn bit. I mean, c'mon, our president doesn't have the support of 71% of the country but he's still pulling all of the strings. -Bob, Studio City, California

It's very important, since Giuliani is reminding us of 9/11 at every opportunity and telling us what a great job he did. However, he didn't protect us then, and it is contemptible the way he uses that tragedy to promote himself as Presidential material. -Louis, North Salem, New York

It should matter a whole lot that Giuliani doesn't have the support of the firefighters and volunteers after 9/11. But, the way this country thinks nowadays it might not. Look who they elected for President. -Nancy, Fall River, Massachusetts

Posted By Jack Cafferty, CNN Commentator: 7/11/2007 05:46:00 PM ET



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