Jane Bürgermeister vs the 2009 WHO Flu

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Jane Bürgermeister vs the 2009 WHO Flu

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Jane Bürgermeister vs the 2009 WHO Flu


https://ugetube.com/watch/jane-bürgerme ... L83Ez.html

https://odysee.com/@pacsteam:e/Jane-B%C ... MVGxhcdoTc

https://rumble.com/v2ehjwu-jane-brgerme ... o-flu.html



https://www.brighteon.com/949de4b7-380e ... 99bab9b10d

Uploaded for pacsteam.org

Jane Bürgermeister vs the 2009 WHO Flu

Reposted - reuploaded - please do the same.

A "missing", "lost", "unknown", "gross conspiracy theory" against the holy Cherubim of Baal, the genocidal plotters against unsuspecting Humanity, especially, children and the elderly. Anyone subject to the evil "vaccines" from Hell must read and pass along this explosive information. And be ready to retaliate when the time is ripe. As it was in 2009, so it is in 2020, by the SAME Bipedal Plague against the World.

Website: http://pacsteam.org


2020 was the year of "the great reset" aka a Royal Nazi Global Military Dictatorship
by the UN / NATO elite, using the COVID19 hoax to take EVERYTHING away.
When I was a child, people wrote stories about artificial intelligence that did not exist
- In the near future, artificial intelligence will write stories about humanity that does not exist.
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