sustainability and eternal life technology are TWO sides of the same AGENDA

Made to fight the new world elite that has already begun the killing of the entire World Population
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sustainability and eternal life technology are TWO sides of the same AGENDA

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sustainability and eternal life technology are TWO sides of the same AGENDA ... XjZbs.html ... MVGxhcdoTc ... genda.html ... 457dec1ebd

Uploaded for

1) My intro

2) News clip from RT in 2015, they said this pill could be in stores "within a few years" - NEVER heard about this again - LIKE ALWAYS ...
"Forever young - Secret of eternal life revealed by Russian science?"

3) a clip taken from The Alex Jones Show May 21. 2023

Since it is now official that the Royal elite families from now on and in the future can live forever with the technology they have created (with all the money and scientists they stole from the entire world population) it is time to face reality: "sustainability" for the elite means that ALL people in the WHOLE world will be killed aka sacrificed to the elites Gaia religion "to save mother earth from overpopulation". The rest is very precisely described in the 3 future documentary books, now also published as 3 movies, which were a very precise and detailed description of UN's Agenda 21, also known today as Agenda 2030, entitled "The Hunger Games".

Before we start, let's just look at a few quick examples of what HAS come out over the years, what we KNOW the elite has been working on around the clock for hundreds of years and done everything possible to hide away all the REAL knowledge and technologies for themselves, just like Dick Cheney's top secret heart pump he suddenly ran around with in public for a few years because of his bloodline and the fact that he didn't give a crap about who asked questions, as long as he didn't have to die, unlike EVERYONE else who got into the exact same situation as Cheney, no matter how much money you have, no matter what you work with because this issue is all about the Royal bloodlines aka the "blue bloods" with blue representing temperature, not color. All the TRUE revolutions are ALWAYS hidden away DEEP inside the very same system that JFK and Eisenhower warned the entire world about, known as "the military industrial complex". On this matter they use military patents labeled "TOP SECRET" and "NATIONAL SECURITY" to prevent anyone from finding out the truth -Unless they are DIRECTLY related to the Queen of England BY BLOOD.



2020 was the year of "the great reset" aka a Royal Nazi Global Military Dictatorship
by the UN / NATO elite, using the COVID19 hoax to take EVERYTHING away.
When I was a child, people wrote stories about artificial intelligence that did not exist
- In the near future, artificial intelligence will write stories about humanity that does not exist.
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