My report to MeWe about the group "we the sheeple"

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My report to MeWe about the group "we the sheeple"

Post by pacman »

My report to MeWe about the group "we the sheeple"

The admin of this group and a handful of supporters do everything they can to promote lies that will and already have lead to the death of people who believe and follow them. This is NOT a free speech issue but a group pressure issue. They attack people personally for putting documented information forward (like me and many others) who want to SAVE lives, delete articles with 100% documented proof just to continue saying "you got no proof".

An example: I know for a fact that people have been hurt very bad physically because of these people because they e.g. pressure people to blindly believe in the system and take their mRNA "vaccine" while deleting REAL documentation on the subject.

When people try to tell them they are wrong, that they got hurt from listing to the admin and Co. they just think it is very funny. In short: The people who run this group act and behave like VERY evil people who KNOW they hurt the innocent, and I just can't stand this any longer.

Thank you for reading.
2020 was the year of "the great reset" aka a Royal Nazi Global Military Dictatorship
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Re: My report to MeWe about the group "we the sheeple"

Post by YOYO »

The TRUTH needs no apologies. I stand with you. Those people destroy careers of people who tell the thruth. We should all be free and have the right to say whatever we want. It is up to the listener to subscribe or not. Nobody has the right to cut someone lifes work just because they dont like it. The false authorities are lyers and that doesnt stop people from following. We need to take our rights back. Its an ugly reality and holding hands and being positive isnt and hast been working. Pray to your God, take action in reality. We are all going to suffer if nobody starts resisting. We will not be silenced, we will not be ruled.We are under attack. Keep the fight my freind. My house is open to the truth, even if its ugly and uncomfortable. To end darkness you must dare to go where others wont.
True moral action does no harm, if harm is done to you, force is required to stop it. Pacifism is amoral. Good men who do nothing in the face of evil, are evil men. This is the only path that leads to freedom, by knowledge and by right.
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