Militarization of Police in America: Trained by Mossad

Expose the abuse of the privately owned global ´police force´ / killing squads go from bad to worse

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Militarization of Police in America: Trained by Mossad

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Militarization of Police in America: Trained by Mossad

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Militarization of Police in America: Trained by Mossad

Press TV
April 8, 2012

US police forces train with Israel’s Mossad agents, treating peaceful American protesters like terrorists, an online columnist tells Press TV.

Experts say US police are increasing their use of excessive force against protesting students.

Earlier this week, US police used pepper spray and heavy-handed tactics against students in California’s Santa Monica College against their college’s tuition policies. A four-year-old girl is among the at least 30 victims.

Last November, students at a University of California campus were also pepper sprayed by police.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Allen Roland, online columnist, to further discuss the issue. The following is a transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Mr. Roland. What we’ve seen in the last past months is people and, in this particular case, students exercising their constitutional rights staging peaceful protests. Why then are we not seeing America going back on its own Constitution – the First Amendment I’m pointing to?

Roland: Let me just say that the Constitution is being shredded right before our eyes. What we’re seeing here is a militarization of the police force.

You do not realize but a lot of these police forces across the country have been trained by Mossad. They’re using the same techniques that Israel uses with the West Bank people and the Gaza people right here in the United States.

What do you mean? What I mean is this, is that these people are being treated more and more like what? -Terrorists.

The militarization of the police force is one of the most outrageous acts that is happening right now. According to the Constitution, that is illegal. But that has been shredded.

Right now the president has the opportunity to do this – to basically kill anyone without due process that’s been passed by Congress.

This is going to get worse before it gets better, as I’ve been saying for months, as we approach the election.

But also, don’t forget, students are carrying one of the most heavy debt loads of any country in the world in the United States. The average student loan is something like 32,000 dollars. And tuition is going up.

There’s a lot to be angry about, and the police are militarized so it can only get worse.

Press TV: As you said, the case will only get worse. If this trend happens to go on, in the foreseeable future how will this portray America’s international image as what it claims to be the standard bearer and the flag bearer in defending human rights?

Roland: That is totally laughable. We are no longer the standard bearer of human rights at all. And if the whole world is already looking at us with chagrined looks, but not shocked looks, because we already have the reputation of being a rogue nation and not living up to what we say.

The problem is our Constitution is being shredded before our eyes. You’re going to see more and more actions like this particularly in college campuses across the country. We saw it in UC Davis, we saw it back east, we saw it today in Santa Monica, and it will continue.

This is not a laughing matter. This is shocking! But it’s happening and it will happen in an increased level right up until the election.

What’s happening is also this, is that the police forces have been [fortified]. The Department of Homeland Security has just bought 450 million rounds of hollow bullets. These are bullets that are meant for human beings.

So what are they arming themselves for? They’re arming themselves for the people who are revolting against the administration and the establishment.

As I’ve said before on Press TV, eventually the will of the people will meet the will of the government or the establishment and that’s not going to be pretty.

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