Another cop crime aka royal nazi traitor to all free humanity

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Another cop crime aka royal nazi traitor to all free humanity

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Another cop crime aka royal nazi traitor to all free humanity

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Was this handled profesionally? Is this deescalation? Watch and be the judge! The cop got a one day suspension for this!

The Spokane Police Department released body camera footage from a controversial arrest in Feb. 2019 during a press conference at 1 p.m. Wednesday. The body camera footage is from the February arrest of then 28-year-old Lucas Ellerman. The arrest involved the use of a K9 in the enclosed cab of a pickup truck, according to documents. Concerns were raised over the use of the K9 in the enclosed space inside the cab of the truck Ellerman was driving. Stuckart said fellow council member Karen Stratton received information on the arrest from a citizen, leading Stuckart to ask Police Ombudsman Bart Logue if he has seen the footage. Stuckart said Logue told him he was disturbed by the footage and the fact there wasn't an internal investigation opened into the arrest. According to an affidavit, police began watching a house at 813 S. Park St. on Feb. 11 after they received information that Ellerman, who was wanted on charges including second-degree strangulation and multiple assault and theft charges, was at the house.

Obivously the suspect wasn't innocent but it isn't the police's job to be judge, jury and executioner.

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