Body Snatchers is a new song by R.i.l.l.A. and Jason Lo from Titans Of Liberty

Since most content posted was deleted, I started ALL over Dec. 2020
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Body Snatchers is a new song by R.i.l.l.A. and Jason Lo from Titans Of Liberty

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Body Snatchers is a new song by R.i.l.l.A. and Jason Lo from Titans Of Liberty ... 296fc8b06d

Body Snatchers is a new song by R.i.l.l.A. and Jason Lo from Titans Of Liberty and GOD IS NOT DEAD RECORDS, that breaks down biological warfare from the past to the present day.

Lyrics -

1st Verse

These old eugenists think they slick, cause 90% never heard of the Tuskegee Experiment/ Fauci was up in the LAB in '66, bet my free sack lunch - he was working on Syphilis/ Public Health withheld treatment, sound familiar - on the low - No Penicillin for those negros/ government lab rats, by that I mean Fauci/ him and Billy Gates got more for you than an Ouchie/ Watch out for that whammy, big bucks PharmaSutra… steady F'n up your mind/ F is for Fear Faking Fools Forgetting Father, nonbelievers believe F.A.N.G. has power/ you working for the dragon, that old serpent the devil/ which brings me to 1984 and Dr. Gallo, HIV and the CDC, Roc A Fella to his grave without consenting/ and these the ones backing your government in which you trusted/ Brave No Hearts cold blooded, title of my New novel - Carona Ain't Novel/ "Put the lime in the coconut", what's really in that Cola/ Fauci ran AIDS on gays like Track & Field Day - more like field and track/ Simone Biles, No Olympics, it's time for script flippin, these some certified Hitmen/ Mussolini tyranny, Hitler labeled medical - and RillA not the one to gas ya/ but it seems like they love fascism more than you like to be Radical - Can't say I didn't warn ya/ but here come the Body Snatchers

2nd Verse - Yeah, here come the body snatchers, We told you they were coming, there's no time for laughter, Looking at the new world order, It's all a disaster, Planned chaos and they bow to their master,

Trick or Treat, planned defeat, First, they said two weeks, Contact trace you in the street, Microsoft biocurrency, Dragenfly drones, Brought to you by Google, First, they scan your temperature, Next, they put a bullet through you,

Canada's adopting China's social credit score, So, Liberal, I know, Turn your chip off, throw you in a hole, now nobody knows, Where the hell ya go, CovId Camps, but they call us the Nazi's, They try to disarm us, while they arming Jihadis, They killed Tupac cus he dropped Killuminati, Hail Mary, Run quick see, what do we have here now, All I see is the devil on a rampage now

Fauci and Daszak wanted permission from Darpa to release COVID-19, How many will we sacrifice with their so-called vaccines? Mutating variants caused by skin-penetrating Spike Proteins, These old eugenicists think their slick, They point their fingers, but they are the terrorists, Gates warned they'd release a bioweapon, Event 201 using media deception, They say they didn't test it but they did, Did you get the message? It's all Nazi Eugenicists, It's the mask and the mark of the beast, Altering your DNA,

No, I'm not an Angel, but I have to Preach,

Fighting fire with the truth when I speak, throwing Holy Water on The Beast, The exorcist, Keep these freaks on a leash, It's an information War, Now it's out in the streets, fighting the dystopic medical tyranny, It's time to stand up, Save your Nation and soul, I can't believe we lived to see Nuremberg 2.0,

With my Father, you can find me While they're raising Hell, We're raising an Army, Stand up for the innocent, and America's behind me, And I ain't gotta gas ya, Can't say I didn't warn ya, Here come the body snatchers!

2020 was the year of "the great reset" aka a Royal Nazi Global Military Dictatorship
by the UN / NATO elite, using the COVID19 hoax to take EVERYTHING away - RESIST !

As a former royal marine myself i have said this for many years: The way to go when
it all go to shit (NOW) is a few sniper teams taking out the entire Royal Nazi lodge
military global elite AT ONCE to give freedom a chance !!!
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